Molecular Genetic Testing

Indication and Diagnostic Value:

There are different ways how asthma patients develop airway obstructions. Failure of asthma patients to respond to treatment with 5-lipoxygenase - pathway modifiers may be due to genetic alterations in a regulatory region of the 5-lipoxygenase gene (ALOX5 promoter). In fact, a proportion of asthma patients does not respond to medication with leucotriene receptor – antagonists because they carry deletions or insertions in their ALOX5 promoter - gene. The genetic test identifies these patients. They can then be directed to an alternate drug therapy.

Samples and Test Method:

IMMD blood stain test paper is required. The PCR based test includes an enzymatic cleavage and electrophoretic analysis of DNA fragments harboring the ALOX5 promoter – insertions or deletions. The specificity is close to 100%.

Turnaround time for this test is 10 days.

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