Molecular Genetic Testing
Adipositas (Inherited Predisposition to Obesity)

Indication and Diagnostic Value

Obesity belongs to one of the most common dangerous health risks. Recently, a genetic variant has been discovered that already early in childhood links Body Mass Index with a predisposition to adipositas. A single nucleotide exchange from T>A in the FTO Gene (fat mass and obesity associated gene) localized on chromosome 16 is responsible for enhanced weight and increased tendency to adipositas. Homozygous carriers of this mutation (A/A allel) are characterized by an average gain of weight of 3 kg, and by an 1,7 fold increased risk for adipositas. The frequency of the A/A allel in the general population is with 16% relatively high. The genetic test helps to identify children at risk in order to take appropriate measures as early as possible.

Samples and Test Method

IMMD blood stain test paper is required. The PCR based test includes DNA sequence analysis of the intron 1 of FTO harboring the mutation. The specificity is close to 100%.

Turnaround time for this test is 10 days.

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